Are you someone who has heard a lot about counselling but fully not aware of the facts? Someone who is curious about counselling but felt unsure of whether it was for you based on what you’ve heard? Well, if you can relate to this, then you’re at the right place to know all about it! To begin with, counselling is a process of effective communication. The better and transparent the communication between a professional and client, the better the counselling. It is a process in which the relationship formed between you and your counsellor helps you develop more awareness and understand yourself better. Counselling is a dynamic collaborative two-way process with a counsellor who listens, understands and tries to work with you to help you reach the goal. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings revolving around the field of psychology and counselling in particular. They are as follows:
  1. The person is MAD if he/she visits a counsellor. Well, they’re in fact the brave hearts to seek the help needed for the mental health concerns which is as important as physical health.
  2. Counselling is only for severe issues. In fact, counselling is a communication process which can tap the adjustment issues in daily functioning. It helps in working with dealing with the issues at milder level and not getting blown up in full-fledged disorders.
  3. Counsellors are advise givers. They are not. They help you only to help yourself and work as a GPS to reach to your own goals.
  4. Anybody can counsel. Well, that’s absolutely not true. Refer to the article, ‘how to spot an effective counsellor’ article for the same.
  5. Counsellors may leak what I speak. Confidentiality is the utmost important ethics that all counsellors follow. Thus, all your secrets are kept safe in a lock.
  6. Counsellors might judge based on what clients speak. Rather, counsellors provide a very safe and secured environment for clients to speak their heart out without reflecting with their own personal opinions and biases.
  7. They can read my mind, I feel unsafe. Well, Counsellors CAN NOT read your mind. They only work with the information you provide them with.
  8. Counselling is expensive. Your mental health is more important than the fees. There are some NGOs and organizations who provide services at minimum rates.
  9. Counselling takes a long time. Not every time. Depends on the nature of issue and the treatment planned. But, Yes, it’s a long-term commitment.
  10. Counselling will change my whole personality. Well, only the parts of client that clients want to change, will be worked upon. And that too, depends upon entirely in client’s hands, not counsellors.
Now that you know the myths and misconceptions, be aware and spread the knowledge about the same for maximum people to benefit from the services
Rasika Karkare

I am a certified therapist and have an experience of working with various psychological vulnerabilities for more than 4.5 years. I have been working with adults in the age range 18-40 years who present a wide range of emotional/mental health concerns. In my practice, I strictly adhere to therapies based on scientific evidence and value ethical guidelines provided by APA (American Psychological Association).