Interpersonal Issues

Marriage/ relationship issues
Dealing with breakup
Maintaining individuality
Family concerns

Mild to Moderate Depression

Grief work
Dealing with loss
Self esteem
Postpartum depression

Stress & Anxiety

Social anxiety
Caregiver stress
Financial stress

Work related difficulties

Uncomfortable work space
Difficult boss
Unsatisfying work
No recognition
Switch in jobs

Dealing with Abuse

Domestic violence
Emotional neglect
Physical abuse


Inferiority complex
Interacting with opposite gender
Self care, compassion
Inner child work
Peer pressure

Eating & Body related issues

Body image
Emotional eating
Food addiction

Existential issues

Finding purpose of life
Quarter life crisis
Mid life crisis


One does not need to fit into the above listed mental health concerns. You might be facing combination of a few or a unique concern of your own. Your uniqueness will be celebrated and we will collaboratively work on your issue.

Note: The Age Range that we deal with is 18-45 years

Disclaimer: If you are going through intense stress, having suicidal thoughts/previous history of suicide attempts or if you are previously diagnosed with a mental health disorder of any severe condition, this service is not appropriate for you. If you are in any danger yourself or at risk of causing others any kind of harm, please visit nearest emergency services immediately or visit a nearest Psychiatrist.