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The Mind Behind Mind Voyage

Rasika Karkare

Counselling Psychologist in Mumbai

  • Our Goal Providing effective mental health care, betterment of mental health status in India, destigmatizing counselling process and reaching out to maximum number of people in need.
  • Qualification M.Sc in Counselling Psychology
  • Location Dadar (West) , Mumbai
  • What I do Individual, group, couple, family therapy, workshops, training's and mental health blogging
  • Job Profile Your Mental Health Counselor


Welcome to MindVoyage

Everyday of our lives bring in a lot of challenges and thus requires nurturing, physical/mental health care, harmony, and peace to sail through. However, the importance of mental health is not acknowledged and often side-tracked. The reasons may be stigma, societal pressures or plain unawareness about the counselling process. As a Counselling Psychologist i hope to remedy that & help people through my work.


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What can we help you Overcome?

Relationship issues

Breakup, Communication problems, Reigniting romance, Maintaining individuality, Loneliness


Low mood, Irritability, Sleep and Appetite disturbances, Social isolation, Loss of interest.

Stress & Anxiety

Restlessness, Fatigue, Lack of concentration, Repeated unwanted thoughts, Insomnia, nausea, Palpitations.

Work stress

Meaningless work, Low satisfaction, Tight schedules, Drop in performance, Other life areas affected.

Family issues

Communication, Home environment, Parenting concerns, Boundaries in relationships

Self-esteem issues

Emotional turmoil, Anxiety, Fear of challenges, No trust in self, Overthinking.


“It’s all in the Science”

All services offered strictly follow evidence-based therapies and has its foundation in scientific theories. These practices work as effective tools are proven ways to deal with mental health concerns. As a professional Therapist in mumbai, I use concepts from Cognitive behavior therapy, Person Centered therapy, Positive psychology, family therapy, and mindfulness in my sessions. I prefer an Eclectic approach as it gives me an opportunity to use best-suited practice for your concern.

Online Therapy

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  • What is therapy session like?

    It is a safe space where the discussed concerns are kept confidential and you gain an expert support. Counselling is not advice giving or guidance, but counsellors provide right direction and help you towards growth and positivity. It is an open and honest communication process, where best suited evidence based practices are applied.
  • What kind of training do you as a professional counsellor have?

    Specialisation in counselling psychology (Masters degree) along with 300 hours of supervised work is must. Since India does not have licensure exams, make sure you choose a counsellor with psychology background and practical experience.
  • Why is it better to work with a counsellor than to work things out on your own?

    Counsellors are experts in helping people with personal issues that are keeping them from being happy, healthy, and moving forward. It is much easier to deal with these issues with an expert than to do it alone. Counsellors are trained and they posses skills to help you deal with various concerns.
  • Does it mean there’s something “wrong” with you if you see a counsellor?

    When one decides to see a counsellor, they are uncomfortable with something or are struggling with a major life transition. Counsellors may view people as being stuck, in need of new skills, or in need of growth, but they never view people as having something “wrong” with them. Counsellors DO NOT judge you.
  • How long will I have to be in counselling?

    There is no magic number or formula to determine how long it may take. During your initial intake assessment and sessions, you and your therapist will have a conversation around making a guess of number of sessions in which your needs are best met. Although, it takes around 6 to 7 sessions minimum.
  • When will I start to feel better?

    Relief may come from a variety of sources, including making changes in your thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and choices, and that may take time to achieve. However, many clients report that counselling can be helpful even after the first session. This may be because of the relief that comes from deciding to seek help, or an opportunity to speak about problems for the first time with someone who is impartial and non-judgmental.


Rs. 799 /Hour

Therapy Session

  • Sessions include
  • Rapport building
  • Basic intake
  • Understanding of concern
  • Finding root causes
  • Interventions/solutions

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