Counselling is also known as ‘talk therapy’ where client and counsellor engage in honest and open conversations about the personal distress client is facing. Counsellor is trained in various micro skills to deal with client’s psychological vulnerabilities and help them navigate the path towards betterment. Counselling is a dedicated and effortful process which requires long term exploration of deep rooted causes of concern.

‘The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems’

  1. Initial few sessions will revolve around getting to know you ‘as who you are & what makes you the person you are.’ Counsellor provides you a listening ear in non-judgmental and objective manner.
  2. Client and counsellor will mutually decide the ‘goals of therapy’ like changes in behavioral patterns, thinking or feelings. Counselling will help you achieve these goals via profound self-awareness and various counselling strategies.

The duration of therapy is completely dependent on the intensity of issue, personal coping speed, regularity of the sessions and willingness to work through this process. It is integral to create a healthy and secure environment for my clients in order to help them in emotional liberation. My way of working with clients is solution focused, insightful and goal oriented. Thus, I work with every client on one on one basis to facilitate this holistic development.

What therapy is not?

A Quick Fix
Being Judgmental of the client’s narrative
Unempathetic approach
Giving Constant unhelpful advice
Dishonest and feels forced
Constant misunderstandings (from both sides)
Generalized solutions to your issues
Having No professional boundaries
Dishonest and feels forced

Who is Counseling meant for?

‘Therapy is not only for people who are severely distressed.’

Those who are dealing with some immediate issue
Those who have Adjustment problems in daily life
Those who want to gain self-awareness and learn about mental wellness
Those who want to have deeper spiritual understanding about self which might not be possible via normal daily conversations