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  • TherapistWill be Assigned after Booking
  • QualificationM.Sc in Counselling Psychology
  • Languages SpokenEnglish, Hindi & Marathi
  • Mode of session Voice call/Video call
  • Duration: 45-50 minutes
  • What can I help you withKindly check the ‘issues’ and ‘terms & conditions’ pages.
  • Age groups I deal with18 to 45 years
  • Contact: [email protected] | 9972449749

*All Appointments cancelled or missed without at least 8 hours prior notice are non refundable.
*By booking the appointment, you have read, acknowledged, and accepted the terms & conditions presented by MindVoyage

Steps to Start your Session

Step 1

Complete Payment

Click on the above ‘book now’ button, fill in your details & make the payment to receive the confirmation mail.

Step 2

Decide Date/Time of Session

I will contact you from my side to set the date and time of your session, however that might take 8-10 hours. For faster communication, I request you to call/whatsapp on 9972449749.

Step 3

Start the Therapy session

On the scheduled day and time phone call/video call on the given details and connect with me for the session.

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Therapist Experience

Bachelors in Psychology

All our therapists have completed this from reputed Tier 1 Universities.

Masters in Counseling Psychology

To be a Counselor, Masters in couseling psychology, is a minimum requirement. And, our counselors have completed their MSC. from Christ University, Bangalore.

Research experience

Equipped with the latest theraputic techniques, our therapists are up to date & have also completed research in different fields for the same.

Work Experience

Minimum 3 Years of Work experience on Online and offline platforms.

Completed Workshops


Kunal Pai
Kunal Pai
19:34 03 Jun 20
Very helpful sessions. Makes one talk their heart out and the doctor helps in understanding the situation practically and sensibly .read more
Shristi Solomi George
Shristi Solomi George
15:44 03 Jun 20
Her words and methods and approach has helped me in my life journey. Simple and useful tips which are very practical and effective.read more
Sanjit Tambe
Sanjit Tambe
08:02 23 Apr 20
Therapy is a Journey is what I have discovered and mind Voyage has really helped me get started on the right path. I’m still a work-in-progress and I’m glad I’m able to at least address the issues. I have had 4 sessions as of now and I look forward to continue till I am at a certain level of peace of mind. She’s really good with pointing the root of the problem by giving you examples and she does simply and unwinds the thoughts in a really good way.read more
Madhav Parekh
Madhav Parekh
10:37 25 Jan 20
Since many days I was feeling anxious so I searched and saw the listing on Google and she was the nearest so I decided to go. It has been 5 sessions till now and I feel better. She's relatable and warm.read more
Abida Ahmed
Abida Ahmed
11:30 01 Jan 20
She's well read about the theories and explained to me in simple language with lot of examples. I found that was the best part of therapy. I understood the process. I surely recommend her for Counseling sessions.read more
neelkamal sharma
neelkamal sharma
06:27 26 Dec 19
They are very unprofessional. I booked a session for my sister and she never received a call. Instead an email was sent stating that they could not reach her through the phone and also could not confirm her appointment. (there was no missed call alert as well from them). I emailed back and set another appointment and gave two phone numbers to call. I received another email stating that she missed the appointment. I emailed back explaining that she never got a call and that is when I was told that she had to call them (which was not mentioned anywhere while taking the on call appointment). Although the website says schedules are available throughout the day but when I tried setting another appointment, I was told that the therapist starts working after after 5 pm only. Really? Should it be the convenience of the patient that should matter or the other way around? I still set another appointment with them. My sister is a business owner and she could not call on the given time for some reason so I felt that the service that they offer is of no use and decided to get a refund. The reply that I got said "we can not refund". I wrote a complaint email explaining what has been happening so my sister gets another call from mind voyage telling he that it was all her fault.Shame on you team mind voyage. You treat your patients this way.read more
Prakriti Sharma
Prakriti Sharma
13:09 04 Nov 19
Feeling Sorted. Good Session. 🙂
Mruni M
Mruni M
10:50 24 Oct 19
She helped me at right point in life. Today I feel much more confident in whatever I do. I feel happy. I do understand how important my emotions are. I took nearly 7-8 sessions till now and I feel the change in my behavior and thoughts.read more
Oorvi Ahuja
Oorvi Ahuja
12:35 17 Oct 19
I have started Loving my life instead of my long lost relationship . 🙂 And, Its beautiful! Thank you Ma'am!
Ram Chaudhry
Ram Chaudhry
10:35 15 Oct 19
I was looking for a psychologist in mumbai, Just took 2 sessions with her. She understands my problem and i got a few initial goals. I am positive that we might be working towards something good.read more
Pintu Burman
Pintu Burman
08:34 02 Aug 19
I was hesitant to go initially, had never taken counselling before. But she helped me through the process. I gained insight about my problems and started feeling better about myself. Thank you to her and surely recommend her as a good psychologist in dadar.read more
anitha dubal
anitha dubal
11:47 16 Jul 19
Enjoy reading your posts on different topics related to Mental Health. Highly informative, would definitely recommend for the people in need. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.read more
Aarya Tadvalkar
Aarya Tadvalkar
14:42 10 Jul 19
Surely recommend her. I have attended her workshops. Great work.
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