Payment and Booking
1. First therapy sessions should always be booked through the website, only for international clients bank account transfer will be accepted.
2. From the second session onwards, no appointments will be confirmed unless the payment is made online either via website/Google pay/bank transfer. If payment is not received while fixing a slot, that slot will be automatically released to another needy client.

While making payment, Write your name, the date and time of the slot of your session in remarks.
Eg, paid for XYZ on 11.09.21 (for 18.09.21 session)


Reschedule & Cancellation: 
The 12 hour reschedule/cancellation policy will be strictly followed. If you fail to reschedule or cancel before 12 hours before your slot, the full amount will be forfeited. Your therapist is a human too, who is rendering their professional service, and deeply values their and your time.
Exceptions will only be made in case of
1. Medical emergencies like hospitalization
2. Death of loved ones.

If cancellation is made by the therapist’s side, clients will be refunded fully.


Following administration rules and being timely for our appointments only ensures our commitment to the process. If as clients, you follow the rules, it gives your therapist much more freedom to focus on therapy services rather than indulging in these logistics.

Happy Therapy!