Marriage counselling is a valuable tool for couples seeking to overcome challenges and strengthen their bond. Marriage counselling can help couples address issues with communication, intimacy, infidelity, etc. However, couples do not need to be in marriage counselling permanently. In fact, there are instances where couples can consider stopping their sessions with the therapist. 

Here are a few signs to know when you should stop marriage counselling.

  • Goals are met-

Marriage counselling often comes to an end when the couple has achieved their set goals and the termination process has been completed. Termination in counselling is the concluding stage of your marriage counselling journey, and it marks the end of the program and the start of practicing what you have learned from all your sessions. Termination is important, as without it, the counselling process cannot end. After this, the couple might occasionally come to check in with their therapist and let them know how things are going.

  • The Couple Has Learned To Cope

If couples have learned to deal with their relationship issues in healthy ways outside of therapy too, then they may not need to seek professional help regularly.  Also, over time, if the relationship experiences positive changes, increased understanding, and enhanced emotional connection, it may indicate that the counselling process has been successful, In such cases, marriage counselling may come to an end. 

  • No Progress-

Sometimes couples may feel that there is no progress in the relationship from either side after spending considerable time in marriage counselling In such cases, they might want to discontinue the process Instead of marriage counselling, individual therapy or group therapy might be helpful for some people.

  •  Client-Counsellor Mismatch-

The effectiveness of marriage counseling heavily depends on the client-counsellor relationship. However, not every therapist is right for every couple, so there are chances of a mismatch. This mismatch can occur due to many reasons. For example, sometimes a counsellor may fail to establish a rapport or therapeutic alliance with their client. If this happens, the couple may want to look for another counsellor who fits their needs better. A lack of rapport can make progress difficult, so early termination is an effective option in cases where a couple and therapist mismatch. Similarly, a lack of trust between the couple and the therapist can also be a reason for mismatch and termination

  •  Lack of Expertise

Every therapist has a specialization and expertise. Similarly, every couple has unique needs and requirements as well. Hence, there are chances that a therapist might lack the expertise to help a particular couple. For example, if a couple wants to address sexual concerns and intimacy issues but the therapist isn’t knowledgeable enough or has a specialty in other issues, the counselling relationship may not work. In such cases, couples might want to consider looking for another therapist who can help them in better ways.


Couples can choose to stop their marriage counselling sessions for a variety of reasons. However, the decision to stop marriage counselling should be taken mutually by both partners. They might consider involving their therapist in the decision as well. Generally, marriage counselling stops when the couple has met their goals and can cope outside of therapy sessions without support. In some cases, the couple might choose to stop sessions if they feel that they aren’t making any progress or that the counsellor isn’t the best fit for their needs.



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