Khushi M Sanghani

Counseling Psychologist


Hi, my name is Khushi M Sanghani. I am a counseling psychologist.
If you battle with the question of whether mental health matters, I get it. I was skeptical too. Although – with my bachelor’s and master’s education, personal therapy, reflection, supervision, reading up on research, and understanding my peers’ experiences with therapy – I have truly understood the importance of mental health.


As I see it and an analogy you might have heard of, therapy is just like a gym. There are many ways to work on your physical health. You do it at home or by consulting a gym trainer whose job is to plan, motivate and believe in you. Similarly, there are many ways you can take care of your mental health and therapy is one of them.


If you do decide to take this challenging yet empowering step towards your mental health, it would be my honor to be part of your mental health journey, serving as a facilitator and collaborator as you pause, reflect, and grow.


Educational background

– M.Sc. in Counseling Psychology – Montfort College, Bangalore

– B.A Triple Major in Psychology, English, and Communication Studies – Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bangalore

Work Experience

– Trainee School Counselor – Holy Cross School (July 2023 – Oct 2023)

– Trainee Counseling Psychologist – Echo: Centre for Juvenile Justice (Feb 2023 – Oct 2023)

– Trainee Counseling Psychologist – Ecolink Institute of Well-being (Aug 2020 – Sept 2020)

– Trainee Observer – Society for the Autistics in India (Nov 2019)