Interpersonal relationships in India have always been considered sacred, and people are not encouraged to share their problems outside the four walls of their homes. This has led to a large amount of stigma and taboo associated with relationships, especially in the Indian context.

Seeking help from professionals for relationship issues has not been encouraged. Hence, many people feel hesitant at the thought of involving a marriage counsellor in their relationship. However, doing this can be beneficial for many reasons, and thus, it should be encouraged so that both partners can take steps to strengthen their relationship. 

Some reasons to involve a counsellor in relationships include:

#1 Counselors maintain a neutral stance without taking anyone’s side in particular. This means that the counsellor remains impartial to what is being said by both partners while remaining as close as possible to their opinions. A counsellor is also able to provide objective opinions and help people look at their problems from a neutral or different perspective. 

#2 A counsellor builds a safe space for both partners to speak about their own concerns freely, honestly and without any judgment. Counselling helps a couple to address and table their individual opinions about the relationship in a safe environment. They can provide a safe space for people to work through their difficulties and re-establish communication. Couples can replicate this similar safe space in their lives outside of therapy, too. 

#3 Difficult conversations don’t turn into fights or arguments in the presence of a professional. These kinds of conversations are handled in a mutually respectful way by counsellors. Counselors act as mediators or guiding forces between the two partners and help them utilize skills, set short-term goals or come up with healthy strategies to work on the relationship in a better way.

#4 A counsellor can also help restore trust between two partners if they have undergone trust-breaking issues, such as infidelity.  Seeking the services of a couples therapist ensures both parties can regain trust positively and healthily. This will keep the relationship moving in the right direction, even after the trust is broken. If future issues do arise, couples will not resort to losing trust or blaming the other party based on their prior behaviors. The relationship can truly grow and move forward, which is something very difficult to do without the help of a trained counsellor.

#5 Couples therapy cannot be considered magic. It is not a sure or definite solution to all the problems in a relationship. There’s no guarantee that it will yield only positive outcomes for both partners. However, it might be good to try a few sessions to see if you are willing to give it what it takes to make the relationship work. However, if you feel that the relationship is not meant to be, then a counsellor can help you make this decision and receive mutual closure for the relationship that both partners deserve.

#6 Lastly, couples therapy provides each of the partners with a good opportunity and space to work through their individual issues that might be affecting their relationship jointly. In such cases, individual sessions can be arranged for that person.


Many couples have reservations regarding marriage counseling as they might be uncomfortable sharing confidential information about their married lives with a third person. However, marriage counselling is a completely safe and confidential space, and getting a neutral person’s perspective can be beneficial to your relationship in several ways.

Don’t look at couple or marriage counselling as an exercise. Rather, believe that this is probably an opportunity for you and your partner to bond and connect at a deeper level once again.



Sakshi is a Psychologist with expertise in research and writing, she can make the most complex topic sound simple! She has completed MSC in Counselling Studies from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Also, She loves books and music and forgets the world once earphones are plugged in.