Aishwarya Kulkarni

(Counselling Psychologist- MBACP)

“Perhaps it is the imperfections that make something beautiful.” – Maya Angelou

 I’m a Counselling Psychologist certified in the UK. My mission is to help  individuals through life’s ups and downs while enhancing their mental well-being.

During my formative years, I embodied the archetype of an introvert. However, I found solace and fulfillment in profound discussions, which ultimately propelled me into the realm of psychotherapy and counselling.

To me, therapy is akin to a transformative journey, where together we unearth hidden strengths amidst life’s complexities. I hold a deep reverence for imperfection, drawing inspiration from the Japanese principle of ‘Wabi-Sabi’.

Within my practice, I integrate diverse methodologies, with a particular affinity for Person-Centered therapy. Envision individuals as vases – inherently flawless, yet sculpted by life’s trials. My role assumes that of a guiding light, nurturing their acceptance of imperfections as facets of their unique essence.

Supplementary to this, I integrate the elements of Psychodynamic therapy, delving into the reservoirs of childhood experiences and attachment patterns. This process resembles unraveling the layers of an intricate tapestry, elucidating the origins of one’s identity. Additionally, I tend to often employ inner child work in order to help amplify the voice of the innermost self. Moreover, I use Cognitive Therapy for challenging negative beliefs, dysfunctional thought patterns, and finding inner strength. For me, every client is unique, so I tailor my approach to fit their needs perfectly.

As a therapist, I recognize the paramount significance of self-care. It serves as the foundation upon which effective therapeutic practices are built. When not wearing my therapist hat, you may find me engrossed in artistic pursuits with pastels and acrylics or refining my skills in Kathak dance.

Educational background:

  • Passed Certificate of Proficiency Test (CoP) by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)-November, 2022.
  • M.Sc. in Counselling- Bangor University, North Wales, United Kingdom
  • M.A. in Applied Psychology (Industrial and Organizational), University of Mumbai
  • B.A. in Psychology, Ramnarain Ruia College of Arts and Science.

Continued Professional Development:

  • Crack and Cocaine- Adferiad Recovery, February 2024
  • Ketamine Training- Adferiad Recovery, February 2024
  • Understanding the impact of child sexual abuse, by Stepping stones, December, 2023
  • DBT Essentials (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), 3 days course (18hrs) on 12-14th June 2023
  • Suicide Training, ASIST, February, 2023
  • Working with the perpetrator of domestic abuse, Safe Lives, January, 2023
  • Working with the victims of Child Sexual abuse,Elaine Ward, North Wales Women’s Centre, November, 2022
  • Workshop: Gender and Sexuality Awareness – Creating a Safe Space training, October 2022
  • Understanding Substance Misuse Level 2 Training, Adferiad Recovery, September 2022
  • Motivational Interviewing Training, Adferiad Recovery, January 2023.
  • Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy, Elaine Ward, North Wales Women’s Centre. August 2021.

Work Experience:

  • CAMFA Therapist for Adults and Young people with Adferiad Recovery, North Wales, UK (14 to 25 years) (2023-2024)
  • Parabl Talking therapy Counsellor and Assessor, with Adferiad Recovery, North Wales, UK (18 years and above) (2021-2023)
  • Therapist Counsellor- North Wales Women’s Centre, North Wales, UK (18 years and above female population) (2021-2023).
  • Student Counsellor- The Mix, UK (18-25 years) (2021-2023)
  • Assistant Professor- Sheth NKTT College of Commerce and Arts, Thane, India (June 2019-February 2020)
  • Volunteer Befriender, Samaritans Mumbai, India (July 2016-February 2017)