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Counselling is also known as ‘talk therapy’ where client and counsellor engage in honest and open conversations about the personal distress client is facing. Counsellor is trained in various micro skills to deal with client’s psychological vulnerabilities and help them navigate the path towards betterment.

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Rasika Karkare

(Msc. in Counselling Psychology, Postgraduate Certification in Couple and Family Therapy)

4+ Years of Experience in Online Counselling

She is the founder of Mind Voyage, one of the leading online counselling platforms in India. She is also a TedX Speaker & has held many workshops to spread awareness about Mental Health.

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Sorry, we only work with people from 18-45 years of age

Sorry! We only do counseling for people in the age group 18-45. People above and below that group require specializations that we do not have.

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